Zumba Fitness anybody?

Hi Everyone!
I’m back with another post!
Today I am going to let you guys know one of my passions!
Which is…
Yes ladies and gentlemen!
Evan Chang
Am a certified Zumba Instructor!
Here are some pictures of my Zumba Adventure:
This is my Zumba family!
I love them!
Zumbathon earlier this year during June
One of my masters
Sunny Cheong!
I look like an advertisement for Fitnesse
Look how many people love Zumba!
This was last’s year Deepavali Zumba!
and its all thanks to this guy!
My master who planted the passion of Zumba into me!
Deno Au!
Thank you sifu!
If you wanna know where do I teach classes
Do log on to my Zumba website
Which can be accessed HERE
So do check it out guys!
That’s all for today!
Evan Chang

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