Wondering Wednesdays: Do you have a specific makeup routine that you stick to for a certain amount of time?

Hello beautiful people all around the people
I have a question for you guys and gals out there

Do you have a specific routine which you stick to for a certain amount of time?

It doesn’t have to be skincare, makeup or the clothes you wear

Do let me know in the comments below

Personally I don’t
I like to have the freedom of choice myself
I do experience those days where I just sit at my table and wonder for a good 15 minutes of what should I use on my face today

Why do I do this?

It’s very simple really
I think that our skin acts differently everyday and I think we should use appropriate products for that day itself
So let’s say I feel that I’m gonna sweat more during that day and this therefore would make my foundation run on me

I would use a foundation that is long lasting and has a matte finish to it and set it with powder

So I could do this throughout the day

But let’s say I know I’m gonna be photographed on that day

I would wear a foundation with no SPF and is good in photographs

My belief is that we need to tailor products to our skin each day
And that gives me excitement

Skincare wise is the same thing
If I need to control my oily skin
I would use a mattifying and a primer!
If I am going to be photographed
I’ll just go naked with something without any SPF

For me doing a routine is boring
I need excitement and variety in my life
Just like selecting foods and choosing the clothes I wear everyday
It gives color and makes me happy!

Plus it makes me feel damn fabulous!

So my dear readers!
Do you have a routine or you like to mix it up like?

Do let me know

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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