UGB Korean Skincare opens in Sunway Pyramid


The store is no longer in business

*End of Update*

Hi guise!
Guess what?
There’s another Korean skincare store opening!

I know I know
I feel that way too

I’m here to update you guys on what kind of products that they are selling

UGB is located at LG1 near the HSBC ATM right after Papa Johns

This is their ginseng range
Trust me
The price matches the description

You will not find an item that is less than RM100

I love the simple display shelf
But I don’t understand why most beauty brands like to put their whole shop white and in white lighting

Shu Uemura anyone?

This is their range for younger skin

Even though it is for younger skin
None of the items are less than RM100

They have 3 BB creams
The black one is for acne skin, the red one for high SPF and aging skin and the pink one has shimmer in it

This is one of the products that I find interesting
Apparently there are two kinds of pads
One for the eyes (U shaped) and for anywhere that is experiencing irritation (round)

This would be on my check list when I go shopping next time

Cactus Micro Mist!
Now formulated without the thorns!
Much better for your skin IMO

Aqua Foaming Cleanser!

This was the patch that I was talking about
Its called the Hydro Gel Eye & Eye Patch

Guess how much is this?
Now push those eyes back into your socket

Like I said
None of the items are below RM145
This brand is more higher end compared to other Korean brands
Wish they have items that are less than RM100 though

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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