Tip Tuesday: Cracked or Shattered Eyeshadow? NO PROBLEM!

Finally I can get a breather for my own time
Work and studies is crazy these few week and I apologise for not being able to blog
However I am coming now to redeem myself
At least for now


How have you guys been doing?

Today I’m going to share with you guys how I save my shattered eyeshadow
Yes I happened to all of us
That feeling when you see you makeup broken

Make you wanna just


Look at this

Its really sad seeing your stuff break

This is the damage that has been done
The palette decided to commit suicide
*tsk tsk*

First off
Clean off the loose pigments away from the others
You want to make sure that they don’t mix

Pry out the eyeshadows carefully with a tool
I’m using a cosmetic spatula


Slowly take it out


But look at the pigments

So sad to see this

I bought a pill box just for this
You can get this at any pharmacy or you can buy from Daiso

Do you get what am I going to do?

Using the spatula
Scoop the eyeshadows into one of the empty pillboxes

There you go!

Next up is the purple

Again carefully put it in

Next is green

Using your spatula

Push it into the eyeshadow and wiggle it around


Make it crack more
Then spoon it into the box

Now I’m going to show you how you can apply your eyehshadow

Dip your brush into the pill box

Tap off the excess

And just apply!

You can have your own loose pigment eyeshadow!

The purple!
See its good as new!

Swatch of the green

So what do you think guys?
Will you do the same if your eyeshadow shattered?

Thanks Babe for helping me take this picture <3

There’s something nice to look at though
The eyeshadow sticked to the packaging
Looks so nice doesn’t it?

You can also organize your eyeshadows with some colored sticker
Like what I did here

So what do you guys think?
Will you do it or will you not?

Let me know in the comments section below!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang


  • Hey, nice to see you back to form, Evan!

    Broken up makeup? Nice tutorial! This always happens to me with my brow colours *heart shatters into a thousand pieces*

    I guess, I should pick up some of those pill boxes and make me some loose powder ‘palettes’ then.
    Got any ideas for lipsticks that have just snapped plain in half? The hot weather in this country makes this a frequent issue for me 🙁

  • oh great tips… there is once mine shattered too but i just clean it n leave it at its own packaging lol….but actually there are smaller container i think daiso got sell which is nicer too..hehehe

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