New product alert! Along with a mini haul!

Guess what!
Covo Cosmetics released their skincare range!

It is a range that is catered for people who want to brighten their skin
The key word here is BRIGHTEN not whiten
So guys and girls
Do bear that in mind

One lip palette
Three brushes
One liquid liner
One moisturizer
One serum

Three body products with a tub

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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MiniHaul! New Brand on the block!

Hello and welcome back my lovelies!
I haul some goodies for me today

There’s skincare and makeup
So if you wanna know more then read on!


This costed me RM161.20 for makeup removers
RM145 for the concealer palette

Yes my darlings
I notice its all makeup removers
It’s because I’m in need of a lot of it now


Its a new brand of makeup!
This costed me RM268!

Its the new MAC concealer palette!
I got this in the Light palette where there are NC15, NW15, NC20, NW20 and two colour correcting colours

I will see how these brushes fare!

You get this bag when you buy one of the sets

You get this bag when you spend above RM 250
I think
Please do not quote me on this

The whole haul costs me….

But I’m most excited about these products!

Look at thatĀ gorgeousĀ palette!

To view the products for yourself and test them
Just go to the newly opened store at Sunway Pyramid Ground Floor

According to the makeup artist
This brand takes products from all over the world!

From Korea to Germany to Italy
Which is quite intriguing
So I would like to find out more about this brand!

But from the looks of it
It looks like the brand has a lot of dupes for Smashbox
It’s also cheaper when compared to Smashbox!
So this is very exciting!

They currently have 2 outlets
One in One Utama and one in Sunway Pyamid
Soon they are going to have one in Genting
Which is stupid in my honest opinion

So I’m quite fired up about this brand

So let me know guys!
What say you?

That’s all for today folks!

Evan Chang



My birthday is coming!
Someone please bring out the champagne and throw some confetti around!
I’m joking
So here’s the pictures of my haul:
Please don’t mind the bearded lady (its actually a guy >.<)
My bday pressie from TheFaceShop
I have this in Natural Beige but I wanna try the light one
Lets see if this controls oil
This looked nice so I picked it up XD
This actually tastes good!
Reviews will be coming up in the months to come so do come back and check yeah
Evan Chang