Product Review: Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick! Shut the door now and put your lip colour on!

Bueno Dias my senor and senoritas
Shall we dance to the Rumba and ChaCha the night away?
Those who know me in real life will know that I love my latin music
What can I say?
I do love my Ricky Martin

Today’s review will be on a product that has a lot of hype around it
This is particularly good for those lippie gurls out there
Hey gurl fren!
Mwah mwah mwah!

Its the..

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick!

I got this in Sephora
Forgot how much it costs though
If any of you know, do let me know in the comments below!

So this is how the liquid lipstick comes
It’s packaged with a cardboard box and looks very simple yet nice
I’m trying out a new way of photographing
Let me know in the comments whether you like it or not

So I got two shades
But I’m reviewing the color bellissima today

It contains 3ml of product

How to use?
Apply directly to lips

Creamy, matte, full coverage
Long Lasting, up to 6 hours of wear
Its weightless, color rich and will not bleed out
Enriched with Vitamin E and avocado oil to hydrate and nourish lips

So this is how the tube of lipstick looks like
A black cap with a glass body
Feels sturdy and looks simple

Again the color I have here is Bellissima
The fifth color

You apply the product with the doe-foot applicator
I think that this really is the best way to apply this
You can’t use a brush because the product will dry on the blush

This is a swatch of the lipstick
The color is a very wearable everyday color
It is a mauve pink color
And gurl let me tell you..
This is freaking pigmented, like full coverage pigmented

There is a scent to it
It smells very warm and vanilla-ish
Exactly like vanilla frosting!

The texture of it is very creamy and thick
It really does feel like a liquid lipstick

So this is how it looks like on the lips

Yes I know I didn’t shave
I’m a guy, get over it

It is matte but a tad drying on the lips
So I highly suggest you to prime you lips with lip balm or chap-stick before applying the lipstick
It lasted on me for about 4 hours before I see it fading on the corner of my lips
I am a person who talks a lot when you know me personally so maybe that’s why it wore out faster
If you’re a person who talks very little, I think this will last way longer on you

The doe foot applicator really helps in applying but you have to be careful because you can over apply this product
A trick I found was to use the swipe and press method where you swipe it on your lower lip then press your lips together
Then apply where needed
I find this method helps in controlling the amount of product and helps in minimizing product wastage


You can always clean up your lips with concealer though

Does it feel heavy on the lips?
Just a tiny bit, I can feel it on my lips when I talk because it has a matte finish to it
So whenever I lick my lips, it feels dry and makes me wanna keep licking my lips over and over again

A pigmented lip color for those who are looking for matte, long lasting lipstick. Highly recommend this!


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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  • Hey, this looks like a great product…! I’ve never actually tried any of Stila’s lippies before, and I love matte shades.. I need to see of they have this in a dark red or smtg… BTW, the new photographing way is awesome! Keep it up, I like it…

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