Spray your way to Deep Sleep

Hola Senor and senoritas
Today shall be a sweet and simple post about a spray that helps you sleep?

As we all know
Sleep is an need for the human body where if you are deprived of sleep for more than 2 days
You have a high chance of instantly dying

That is why that good sleep is very important
Remember during Psychology class that we learned about Rapid Eye Movement?
Well this product helps me to get to that stage when I want to sleep

It is the..

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dream Pillow and Body Mist

Housed in a plastic bottle stained like those in an apothecary
It houses a blend of jojoba, chamomile and essential oils
The most prominent scent will be Lavender

Spray top covered with a cap

The spray top

To better show you how fine the mist is
I taken the liberty of making a gif for you

As you can see the mist is very fine where it easily dissipates into the air
You can spray this wherever you want
Your pillow, bed sheet, bolster, window or body
Heck you can even spray your privates for all you know!
Just make sure the other party doesn’t fall asleep when they’re doing the job
*nudge nudge wink wink*

I think this spray will help all those insomniacs out there such as me and will be a godsent for those who always complain they can’t sleep at night.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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