Sometimes you just have to shop and hangout with your friends

Hey guys!

Today’s post will not be about beauty or makeup
But about things that you should do once in a while

Many of us know how stressful work can be
It takes most of our time every week and it can be very draining
So that’s why we need some time for ourselves and catch up with our friends
We are all human after all
We don’t perform like machines although corporate companies prefer us to be so that we could maximize profit

So the message here is to treat yourself because you worked hard for it and you know that you deserve it

I got new shoes for Everlast!

The opening ceremony of the shoe

Isn’t itĀ gorgeous?

A clearer picture of the beauty

The best people people that I know
Love you guys!

You don’t work like a machine
You have to relax and reenergize too!

Till next time

Evan Chang

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