Smell great all day? Yes please!

Hello hello my lovely people!

Let me ask you a question
Have you felt so irritated that your perfume/cologne didn’t last the whole day?
You still want to continue to smell awesome right?

Well I have something for you guys today

Its the…

No its not a bullet vibrator you perverts!

I was prowling around as usual in Sephora when I chanced upon this

Its a perfume atomizer!

I got this for RM54

This is how the spray looks like
It distributes the fragrance nicely

This is where you put the perfume in
just follow the instructions on the box and you’re done

Obviously this is a godsent to me because I always end up not smelling awesome by the end of the day
But with this I can smell awesome the whole day!

Just spritz on your fragrance when you feel like it and watch the people around you go

Some of them could even have orgasms on the spot

If you need to smell awesome the whole day, then buy it. I don’t see why a person doesn’t want to smell awesome the whole day


That’s all for today!

Evan Chang

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