Second day of posting

Will you love me back?

Hopefully I can continue blogging everyday judging from my past experience (and failing miserably I might add)
I’ve been thinking about you whole day long…
I keep wondering whether are you happy now
Whether will you love me back if I told you that I miss you
I want you to love me back…
But I realize that I’m not good enough…

Too many hunks coming out?

Any of you here feel that being buffed is being more and more common these days?
I mean look everywhere
When I look left, buff body with lots of muscles including six packs
Look right, you see the same thing
Being buff used to be something really unique
But it seems to be getting more and more common these days
Maybe that’s why people are complaining that they can’t find anyone anymore
It really is a eat or be eaten world out there
As for me
I am aiming for my goal
A Y shaped body
Just that I don’t know when would I achieve it
It’s kinda sad to think about it actually
Especially when you know what kind of community you belong to
Where everyone is superficial…


Oh by the way!
I’ll be starting my product reviews soon
I’m so excited to start my first product review
I wonder what should i review first…
Evan Chang

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