Say Hello to my light and little friend: The new Macbook Air 2013

Hi guise
Sorry I’ve not been updating like I promised
Those who know me in real life know that what happened to me
And I thank you all for that

Today I wanna share with you about my new precious gadget

The new Macbook Air 2013:

Got this in the mail today
Was so excited till I almost peed my pants

Peekaboo I see you

The white box with the Macbook Air printed on it

The smell of new things
See that flap there?
It helps to take out the Macbook out

The things that come with the Macbook Air


The plug so that I can charge the Macbook

This is the wire for the charger

The extension power cord

The back of the Macbook

Ready to turn on the Macbook?



Apple screen
It has a scary sound when it turns on

Finally the Macbook Air is on and I can use it

Now I have been using this for about 5 days now
And I have to say that I LOVE IT

The battery lasts the whole day and it so light
I’m so glad that I made the purchase

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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