Sasa x Neogence Event in Alexis Midvalley!

Hello people!
Recently I was invited to attend an event that was organized by Sasa to know more about a brand called..


It was held in Alexis at Midvalley

So if you wanna know more then click to find out!

The event was to introduce new products that were from Neogence

But first
Let me introduce a bit more to you about Neogence

Neogence is a famous medical beauty specialist originated from Taiwan. With a research team consists of professional dermatologists, it offers a series of products in accordance with weaknesses of Asian skin and climate. The brand mission is “sincerity, service and “environmental-friendly”: “sincerity “ represents a complete ingredient list that ensures safe and secured products; “service” means dedicated consultation; “environmental-friendly” stands for simple packing that reduce environmental degradation.

They have their very own factory and Research & Development Laboratory as well as their very own Skin Examination Center

They make sure that their products are safe to use and is not irritating to the skin

As mentioned before
Neogence values effective, safe and quick results for their skincare

Also, they are awarded with SGS certification and their products does not contain MI/MCI/Parabens and Preservatives

One thing that I like is that they are US FDA verified, certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 22716
Which means that the quality of the products is consistent throughout the range

All they wish is to make you more beautiful but in my case
They want to make me more fabulous

Now that you know more about the company
Lets get on to the event!

Before the event started
We were settled down and introduced to Dr. Hsieh Chien-Yang by this beautiful lady right here

This is Dr. Hsieh himself!

He has a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and is a bio-medical doctor from the Neogence R&D team
Did I mention he is from Taiwan?

So he is very very smart!

Dr.Hsieh presented us why they are launching the new product range
Yes you can tell the products will be about pores and oily skin

They want to combat comedones, pores and excessive sebum and that is why they came with the product range that were specifically targeted to people with this skin type!

The first product is the Deep Pore Cleansing Mask which contains charcoal powder and natural clay (Illite)
It is recommended to use this weekly

Reminds you of a product from Origins doesn’t it?
The review is here!

He even put the mask on himself!


You can really see the black spots where the oil is more prone

The next product is the Extremely Off-Heads Serum pH 5.5

Boy that’s a mouthful

It contains willow bark extract, glyacid and Ac.Net
I’m guessing that the glyacid is glycolic acid

Now why is it pH 5.5?
According to Dr.Hsieh
The pH value actually is just nice for the skin and won’t damage the skin!
He even made us do some tests with a litmus paper!

Could you see the difference?

The left is using mendelic acid and the right is the Neogence serum

This is the claimed effect that will happen in 2 weeks if you continue using the products

Next product is the Fresh Cooling Astringent Toner

It contains witch hazel leaf extract, and a very weird alcohol name
You can see the effects of the ingredients in the picture above

He also introduced us to the Extreme Pore-reducing serum

Why is it so extreme?

The last two is the Pore Purifying Cleansing Gel and the Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel

Do not be mistaken that the treatment gel is a spot treatment!
It is actually a moisturizer!
A oil controlling moisturizer!

Look! We even did a test with Jojoba Oil!

And finally of course
After the even is over
I got some items from Sasa!

Both the Deep Pore Cleansing mask and the Extremely Off Heads Serum!

Thank you Sasa!

I would like to thank Sasa Malaysia and Neogencefor inviting me to this event

For more information on the products and where it is sold please go to their..

Facebook page:


Neogence website:

Neogence facebook:

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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  • Omg, this was amazingly quick to post of you! And some great shots…I see that you may be the fastest lens in town, you sharp shooter, you. Nicely framed post and setting the bar high for the rest of us. Good on you!

  • Hi Evan,

    Very detailed blog post! Lovely pics. Didn’t notice you there, perhaps catch you some other time at another event *_^ I don’t go as many because we are still very new.

    You have a funny sense of humor which I like! Will be popping over often to check back on things.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!


    • OMG! Hi Jenn!

      You has a picture of me in your blog, I’m the guy in the maroon shirt!

      Sure I’ll meet you during the next event k?

      I’m so glad that I made you laugh and enjoyed reading!


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