SaSa Fragrance Awards 2013 Finale Event

HI guys!
I know I haven’t been in the blogging scene lately
But trust me
If you know what I’m going through then you’ll understand

Today is not about that
Today’s post is about the event that I was invited to by SaSa

At the Sasa fragrance awards #event #blogger #...

At the Sasa fragrance awards #event #blogger #fragranxe #asian via yosomolo

So if you want to find out more then please read on

Before the event started I had to register myself
Naturally I took pictures!

After registering
I didn’t take my brunch so I had to settle on the food that was available there

Luckily the food was good
And of course I didn’t stuff myself silly with the food there
People say no manners one lor

But some of you must be thinking now:
“Evan.. Didn’t you get invited to a similar event earlier this year?”
Yes I was!

The event was to present the 24 nominees of fragrances across 5 categories
I even did a review for one of the fragrances!

They have the results for the popularity contest now!
Malaysian consumers has spoken and these are the results

Remember how SaSa is going to donate RM 1 for each bottle sold to the Breast Cancer Awareness Association?

They have raised an amount of RM 21,136 for them!
That means during the promotion period
SaSa has sold 365 bottles of perfume per day in Malaysia!

Thank you SaSa for caring about women’s boobies!

Also this event is to launch the 13 new fragrances that SaSa is carrying

Brands include:
Hugo Boss, Escada, Givenchy, Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs
Can you tell me which one do you recognize in the picture above?

When I attended the event
SaSa was so kind to gift me a bottle of fragrance for attending the event.

Sponsored by SaSa!

Well that’s all for today
Let me know in the comments what is your target for the 13 new fragrances carries by SaSa!

Evan Chang

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