Releasing my skin’s potential with Skin Potential Midvalley!

Hi guys!

Recently my skin has been acting up lately
Mostly due to the stress that I have been receiving from work and sleeping late(bad Evan!)

So I decided to do something about it and go for a facial!

The place that I went to was inside Celebrity Fitness Midvalley

It’s situated at the right side of the gym

You will see this sign when you walk to this store

Don’t be shy!

I was seated down and was waiting for the room to be tidied up for my session

The guy in the picture is one of the consultant/salesperson that was working there

For those who needs some express treatments you can refer to this picture for their current pricing

Their microdermabration uses Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion which is a non-invasive procedure removes the outer layers of the epidermis to reveal a younger and more radiant skin underneath. It is the most natural way to evenly and safely exfoliate with nearly no down-time and risk as compared to a lower-laser renewal

It has no down time and you can return to work or attend social functions immediately following the procedure with a healthy, glowing skin!

Regular treatments encourages :-
• Clearer Complexion
• Diminished Fine Line & Wrinkles
• Reduction of Congestion
• Promotion of Collagen Formation
• Increase of Cellular Turnover
• Minimizing superficial scarring
• Maximization of absorption of nutrients

The interior was decorated with their own line of products

Very minimalistic and simple
Makes you feel at ease when you step into the shop

Soft lighting to set you in the right mood

This is the small hallway that you walk through to your nirvana

This is the room that I was ushered into
The lighting was dim but bright enough to let me able to see where I’m going

The bed was comfy and very warm

The air conditioning wasn’t cold at all
I didn’t feel like I was in Antarctica at all

You will be given a robe to wear
But can choose not to if you don’t want

This is the other room

I wasn’t in this room for my facial

The counter where all the product will be used for the skin

Camwhore first before my facial

The package that I signed for includes a microdermabration, cleasing, exfoliation, steaming the face, extraction and a high frequency.

This is a rose infuse clay mask that doesn’t dry out

The smell is so damn soothing!

Lying down while having the mask on

This is my face after the facial
You can see that it is absolutely glowing!

This is one of the products in their product line
All the products are made up of natural ingredients without the…

Evil 5 ingredient


I enjoyed my experience at Skin Potential! Definitely recommend this place to everyone that is looking for a good facial.

Thank you Kelvin for you awesome and professional help!

So guys what are you waiting for?

Unlock your skin’s potential with Skin Potential!

For more info you can go to their Facebook page or their website
You can also call their shop at 03-22840743 to make your bookings for a skin analysis.

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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