Product Review: WWBE Organic Soothing Lotion

Hello my lovely strawberries!
The haze is finally lifting!
Thank goodness!
My sinus was acting up because of the stupid haze

*cough cough*

Moving on..
Today I shall be reviewing a product that was sent to me by HiShop
Which is the…

WWBE Organic Soothing Lotion!

The one on the left this time
NOT the right

The packaging is a small bottle shorter than the cleanser itself

The soothing lotion claims to calm, tone and revitalize you skin
So basically its saying that its a toner that is good for your skin

The back of the bottle
It contains 60ml of product

This is the ingredients list
Notable ingredients include:
Angelica extract, calendula extract, elderflower extract and ginger root extract
All on the top of the ingredients list!

The lotion itself is a pale yellow color that smells very herbal

The way that I apply this toner is by using the palming method instead of using a cotton pad
I find that this help me to absorb the toner better into the skin
Plus you waste less product like this

This is my face before applying the lotion

This is my face after applying the lotion
The lotion absorbs immediately into the skin and makes my skin feel cooling and refreshed

I feel that this helped to tone down the amount of breakouts on my skin
Granted that I did use it in conjunction with the cleanser
But I do feel that this really helps in helping to soothe my skin!

You can clearly see for yourself the condition of my skin anyway

Currently HiShop is having a 30% off for the soothing lotion
Previously it was RM180 for 60ml of product
Now it is RM126 for 60ml of product

A good toner for those who are looking for a soothing and calming toner. Recommended for all skin types.

I would like to thank HiShop for this oppurtunity is giving me a chance to help review this brand and its products
I am truly blessed to be recognized by them

HiShop website:

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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