Product Review: WWBE Organic Purify Cleanser

Hi guys!
Remember that package that I got from HiShop a few weeks ago?
Well they actually contacted me and asked me whether I would like to try a facial cleanser and lotion from a brand called WWBE

Apparently WWBE is a local Malaysian brand that is organic!
I was surprised as well!

Thank you HiShop for letting me review this!

Like I said in the beginning the brand is WWBE but see the word organic below the logo
It is organic skincare!

The bottle itself is a white matte textured bottle
Similar to many cleanser out in the market

I do advise you guys to store the cleanser upwards as the cleanser itself is very watery and you may spill more than you need
This was also a warning that was given to me by HiShop

The cleanser promises to purify, balance and refresh you face while you are using it to wash your face

They recommend to use it in the morning and evening
But I think that this cleanser is more of a “after-you-wake-up” cleanser
Because it isn’t that good in removing makeup
However, I love this as a cleanser after I wake up because you do feel a cooling sensation on your face and that wakes you up

It comes with 100ml of product and is manufactured in Malaysia!
Finally something that we can be proud of our country!

This is the ingredients list for the cleanser
Notable ingredients include:
Olive oil, angelica extract, calendula extract, amica flower extract, chamomile extract
Notice that it is all on the top of the ingredients list
Which means that it has a high amount of it in the cleanser

This is the cleanser
It smells very herbal, not too strong and is slightly yellow in color
The texture itself is very watery and is very low is viscosity
Be careful when you dispense the product as it can easily spill out!

This is how the cleanser looks like after it foams onto the skin
The foam itself is a very light foam and clean the skin well
Not well enough to remove makeup or be used as a shaving cream though
But well enough to clean your just woken up face

You will feel a cooling sensation after about 30 seconds while cleansing your face
And yes you need to wash your face for at least 1 minute!
Its good for you!

This is my after cleansed face
My skin doesn’t feel tight and dry and feels very refreshed
I feel that my skin looks and feel much better since I use this product

For a comparison you can look at my previous skin condition

Notice how much redness I have since I started using the cleanser and lotion

Currently HiShop is selling the cleanser for RM105 which is 30% off of the original price which is RM150

I think this is a fabulous day cleanser and would recommend to those who’s budget can fit into this. Also if you’re looking for a organic brand of skincare then this is for you!

Thank you once again HIShop for giving me this opportunity and letting me review this facial cleanser!

HiShop website:

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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