Product Review: Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water

Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water

Hi guys!
I’m back with another post!
Today I shall review a facial spray
Its the Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water
Now I know Vichy has withdrawn out of Malaysia
So its very hard to get hold of this
Don’t worry
Because there are other facial sprays out there
So this is how the product looks like:
The product comes in a white spray can with a blue cap
You have 3 sizes
Small Medium and Large
The one that I’m currently reviewing is the Large one
It is a pressurized can
So you just have to press and it will continuously spray out
This is how the spray nozzle looks like
It sprays a very fine mist
So you can’t see it
I’m actually pressing on it
This products is just your typical facial spray
At the end of the day
It’s still water
Might as well put Green Tea in a spray bottle and use that
More benefits from it actually
It’s good for days where you need a little cooling off but it just does that only
Nothing else
I don’t use this so set my makeup
You can find similar products from Avene and Uriage
I do not recommend this
It’s really just water
Evan Chang

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