Product Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

That’s what I have been these days!
What about you?

Its been a long 2 weeks for me due to Chinese New Year and all that jazz
But I’m bouncing back to blogging and here is my post for the hiatus!
If you’re angry or upset with me..
I do understand
But move on

*flips hair*

Today’s review will be about a foundation from Urban Decay
If you didn’t read the title of course

Its the..

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation!

It claims to be a weightless ultra definition liquid makeup that is peptide infused, light diffusing and paraben free!
So its good for those who have dry and dull skin
I myself have oily oily skin!
Yes you read that right, there was two oily there

It contains 30ml of product
Standard size for foundations

I got mine in the shade 2.0
Numbers ending with the number 0 are warm toned and number ending with .5 are cool toned

I got mind at Sephora for RM162
Weird price in my opinion

It claims that when you wear it, it will feel like there is nothing on the skin yet it transform the appearance of the skin.
Skin looks natural and illuminated while giving a flawless and demi matte finish.
You will look like you have photo shopped in real life
The peptide used is called Matrixyl 3000 where it is a anti wrinkle peptide
Other ingredients include Litchiderm, green tea and vitamins

So you skin will benefit from using this as well as giving the illusion of covering up your imperfections.

They suggest using their Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush
Which I have in my brush collection
Review coming up soon

100% of the people tested said that participants had improvements in the appearance of the skin, 96% had more radiance in their skin, 90% have firmer skin and 93% have less fine lines.

But the question is, whether this was with the foundation or without the foundation?
Since Urban Decay said that there was skin care ingredients in the foundation

If the case was with the foundation, obviously all of the claims were true! Because the foundation already covered the skin!

This is the ingredients list for those who want to know
Notable ingredients are:
Silica, Dimethicone and Camelia Oleifera Lead Extract

This is how the bottle of foundation looks like
Very sleek and sexy packaging
The cap is a brown silver color and the body is made of plastic but doesn’t feel cheap
It better be!

You are advised to shake the bottle well before using the foundation
The products lasts less longer than an average foundation which probably is because of the absence of parabens
Only 6 months!

30ml of product

The sexy cap that protects the foundation dispenser

It has a pump!
Thank the foundation gods and the geniuses at Urban Decay
If it didn’t have a pump, I don’t know what I’ll do

The foundation itself is very watery and has a very faint scent to it

The foundation feels very easy to spread and is very blendable

Fully blended, you still can see the veins on the back of my hand
It sets to a demi-matte finish

Flash test with the foundation on the back of my hand
It is not flash friendly
Which is weird because it didn’t claim to have any SPF in it and also Urban Decay said that it was ultra definition!

You can’t cheat me!

Bare faced me looking at y’all like a bunch of perverts

You can see that I have a few zits and spots on my cheeks

Now I can face the world with more confidence

The foundation even out the overall skin-tone but can’t really cover the pimples on my face
The oil control for this foundation on me lasts about 4 hours before I get oily in the t-zone, you can extend the oil control with a setting spray like De-slick from Urban Decay or the one from Skindinavia

And yes, I do set it with powder, I set all my makeup with powder
Powder is my power

To conclude:
Urban Decay Naked Skin is good those who look for a foundation that offers light to medium coverage and those who are sensitive to fragrances. Both Oily and Dry skinned people can use this foundation without any problem.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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  • The coverage is pretty good! but freaking pricey!
    powder is my power, lol! ive got that phrase stuck in my head now!!

  • I am not familiar with naked skin. Although I would love to try this because this foundation is free of parabens and full of peptides, I am hesitant to buy it because of the price. The foundation looks good on you. Perhaps I will try to find cheaper alternative of this great foundation.

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