Product Review: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel and a Mini Haul

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel

Hello my lovelies!
Ever had a blemish that suddenly popped up out of nowhere?
Ever experience painful acne on your face that doesn’t seem to come to head?
Today I shall be reviewing for you guys a spot treatment!
Here is the picture of the product:
The product comes in a squeeze tube
The product itself is a colourless gel that smell strongly of tea tree oil
Which is good because it means there is real tea tree oil in it!
The product feels cooling on the skin
Probably because it has alcohol in one of its ingredients
I know some of you are alarmed by the alcohol
But if you just put this on the spot
You wouldn’t have any problems with it
You know those bumps that you get on your face and lingers there for a long time without coming to head?
Well this is the product!
It help those bumps come to head and finally getting rid of them for me!
This is what I use to try keep my face clear from acne
So guys and girls!
If you’re not sensitive to tea tree oil and wanna try a gentler alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide
Then I do recommend this to you!
Smell 2/5
Texture 5/5
Effect 3/5



That’s all folks!
Evan Chang

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