Product Review: TheFaceShop E’thym O2 Water Moisture Lotion

TheFaceShop E’thym O2 Water Moisture Lotion

Hello again my beautiful people!
Today I am going to review for you a moisturiser again!
Yes it is from TheFaceShop again
I realize I have a lot of stuff from them
I don’t know why
So on to the review!
As usual
Here are some pictures of the product:
The packaging is a light green rounded cylinder that uses a squeeze hole
It is 15cm in height and 5cm in length
It holds 140ml of product
A good amount!
Here are the pictures of the product:
The product is a white lotion
Why does all the product look like something naughty?
It spreads out easily
You just need a small amount
About the size of the old 50 sen coin and it will cover you face and neck
Yes I do put moisturizer on my neck
It does spread very easily and absorbs quickly
I do find that you need to pat it in for it to properly absorb in
It is quite hydrating for my skin
I use this moisturizer at night because I find that it makes my skin oily quickly
So I put a thick layer of this moisturizer like a sleeping mask
and it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the night
It does have a fragrance to it
A sort of fresh kind of florally kind of grassy smell
I like it though
Reminds me the smell of hydration
It doesn’t break me out
Do I recommend to buy this and will I repurchase?
Not really, it does  moisturise my skin nicely but I think there is still a nicer moisturiser out there and I just haven’t find it
Will not repurchase this
So to conclude:
Moisturising factor 4/5
Blendability 4/5
Smell 3/5


  • I am using this for one month, from cleanser to moisturizer but I am starting to notice that I am having pimples. I don’t know if I am not hiyang but the saleslady told me that this is good for oily skin so I grabbed it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi Emily, thanks for the comment!
      It may be due to your skin getting used to the products. Try switching to other ranges then coming back to it after a while.
      Hope that helps

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