Product Review: TheBodyShop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel

Hi Guys!

Shower gel review time!
This time its from  TheBodyShop which is the
TheBodyShop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel

Here are the pictures:

The shower gel is a deep red liquid that smells like cranberries!

Fair trade honey from Ethiopia

The dispenser is nice
Easy to control the amount of product that comes out

Look at the amount I have left!

I love using this shower gel in the morning
A very good pick-me-up to start the day!

It lathers up very nicely
But sometimes it doesn’t lather at all
Weird right?

This is a limited edition shower gel that TheBodyShop comes out with this year for Christmas
So guys and gals
Go stock up on this to avoid disappointment


Smell 5/5
Texture 3/5
Lather 2/5
Packaging 4/5

Do I recommend this?

If you like your shower gels to have a strong berry citrus scent, I don’t see why not buy it!

That’s all for today folks!

Evan Chang

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