Product Review: Thayers Toner with Rose Petal and Witch Hazel

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Today I shall be bringing you a toner review
Remember when I did a post on the unboxing of a product from Natta Cosme?

If you are still blur

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It’s certified organic

Free of alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol
It contains Witch Hazel and it moisturizes and cleanses the skin

Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and is very effective for fighting against acne
The toner also contain rose extract that helps in soothing and moisturizing the skin

Bottle nozzle with the cap on

The smell of the toner is quite strong
People with sensitive noses should not like it

Bottle nozzle with the cap off

It dispenses the product very nicely and I don’t experience any form of dripping from it

I saturate one of the cotton pads that was given to me by Natta Cosme and swiped it all over my face after cleansing my skin

As usual
Because my cleansing routine is very thorough
The cotton pad has no residue and dirt

I do experience a stinging sensation when the toner is on the skin

However when the toner is absorbed into the skin the sensation dissipates
I also experience some redness from using it
The redness does dissapear after a few minutes
I think that i could be slightly allergic to it

I find that putting the toner in a spray bottle lessens the stinging sensation
Which means I retain the benefits but lessen the pain

For me
I much prefer this toner

The unscented version of Thayer’s range of toners
This is unsponsored by Natta Cosme and was bought with my own money

I don’t experience stinging with this version

This is the ingredient list for the unscented version

This is a good toner if you don’t get the bad stinging sensation I have from using it, also good for those who are not that sensitive to fragrances. For those who have more sensitive skin and noses, it is better to use the unscented version of the toner.

I would like to once again thank ‘The Butterfly Project’


Natta Cosme

For allowing me to have this chance to join this chapter and hope that many more of these opportunities will come

The product reviewed is sponsored but it does not affect my opinion on the product

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