Product Review: Tarte CC be Mattenificent Palette

Hello buttercups
How are you on this haze covered day?
The air quality here in Malaysia is really deteriorating
Makes us all prone to sickness really
But that doesn’t mean we can’t be pretty!

Am I right?
Can i get a holla!?


Today’s review will be about a new palette that just came out in Malaysia
Fairly new still as this was released in the U.S. just a few months ago

It is the..

Tarte CC be Mattenificent Palette!

First ever eye and cheek palette, limited edition and comes with a double ended brush
Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate and gluten
So basically its made without all the bad stuff la
English damn flowerry

The palette is protected by this plastic flimsy thingy
(anybody know what is this called?)

I love the design of the palette
It remind me of that experiment where they put colored soap droplets into milk
Love the pakaging

This is the back of the palette
Not much to look at
The packaging is solid and well made, doesn’t feel cheap at all
Each eyeshadow contains 2.15g of product while the other two contains 3.36g and the blush is 4.38g of product

That equates to:
(6x 2.15g) + (2 x 3.36g) + 4.38g
A total of 24g of product

The palette also comes with a brochur that shows one of the famous youtubers that I’m sure most of you know

It also shows you a suggestion of how to use the colors in the palette

The back also shows the another way to use the colors

These are the colors of the palette

Even Crystal also loves it XD

One blush, 6 eye-shadows and two powder liners

The blush is called Elevated which is just a natural light pink color, good for those who have light to medium skin

The six eyeshadows are as follow:
Sand out from the crowd(recommended to be a base) is a light yellow color
Peach for the stars(recommended to be on the lid) is a light muted brown pink
Two plums up (outer crease) is a dark plum toned purple
Pink outside the box (lid) is a light muted pink
Rose to the occasion (crease) is a medium rose tone
View from the taupe (crease) is a light brown taupe

The two liners are:
Dream in chocolate is a dark brown
Don’t stand black is just a basic black

I like how they play with all the names and make it so punny
Punny is as they used puns
Yes I made up that word

This is the swatch of the blush and the eyeshadow
The blush looks like the kind of color that is very hard to mess up
The eyeshadows are pigmented and easy to blend

The textured isn’t creamy or powdery
It really does feel like clay

This is the swatch of the two liner
Same with the eyeshadows
Easy to blend and very pigmented

This is the double ended brush
Notice the China word there
Not a surprised since most brushes now are made there

This is one end of the brush
It is a flat paddle shape
Good for patting on color
The brush is very soft to the skin

The other end of the brush
A bit flimsy in my opinion but still its very soft

I got this at Sephora for RM143.10
The original price was RM159 but I had a 10% so I had to use it

I think that this palette is good for those who are looking to venture into makeup and is afraid of all the bad stuff that goes into makeup. I think that this palette isn’t a must but is a strong one if you’re looking to spend your money on it.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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  • Holla! 🙂 LOL! I see someone went shopping at Paradigm Mall!
    ooOO the palette looks gorgeous, the packaging is like water ripples! I tell you, because of you, I’ll end up buying more make up than I already own =D
    The blush colour looks nice actually, and the eye shadows seem great for a beginner to experiment with. It really feels like clay huh? Must go and swatch this one of these days..

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