Product Review: Sleek Luminaire Concealer and Highlighter

Konichiwa my lovely buttercups

Today will be a review of one of the product that are not readily available in Malaysia at this time of writing and require you to order it online

Its the…
Sleek Luminaire Concealer and Highlighter!

I’ve been trying out a lot of these kind of concealers lately
Mainly because my skin has been looking dull and tired
So these product do help out in aiding you looking like you’re more awake

But let me begin by saying that I do not like this product
You will soon see why

So without further ado
Picture time:

This is a highlighting concealer
Keep that in mind
Whereever you apply this
People will focus their attention on that area because it is highlighted

Sleek makeup does really have sleek packaging

This is the brush applicator head
The same with the YSL Touche Eclat

This is the product
The colour I have it in is L02

This is where the product has not been blended
It is a thick cream
It does not have any smell or fragrance

This is the product slightly blended
Its a very thick cream and it takes a little more amount of effort to blend compared to other highlighting concealers

This is when the product is fully blended and pat in to the skin
You can see that it makes the skin look lighter therefore highlighting the area

This is me smiling

You can see my dark circles and red around my nose
I also have a few blemish spots around my face

I applied the highlighting concealer on to my dark circles

This is one side blended so you can see the comparison

Now here comes the annoying bit
The product dried down like instantly after you apply it on your skin
I have to tug at the skin of my under eyes to blend it in
Which I am not fond of

This is where both sides are blended

This looks like my boogers are coming out

Fully blended in
The redness is covered very nicely

You can see the blemish?

Apply a bit of the concealer

And tadaa!
Your blemish is highlighted and covered at the same time


Blendability 1/5
Texture 2/5
Smell 5/5 NO SMELL
Colour 4/5
Coverage 3/5

Would I recommend this?
NO! This isn’t for anyone, even if you like sleek makeup. I do not recommend this at all.

The Luminaire Highlighting Concealer can be bought at for RM42

That’s all for today

Evan Chang


  • this product obviously isn’t suppose to be used as a concealer even though the product mentioned to be so. it suppose to be a highlighting tool to highlight your cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge and cupids bow. you shouldn’t use that under your eye because it accentuates the eyebags making it look even worse.

    • I agree with you. I do so because it does say concealer and highlighter on the packaging which is what Sleek claims. I am simply showing what they say it could do and reviewing it.

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