Product Review: Sleek Blush in Life’s a Peach

Hey there lovely pancakes!

Today will be a very shy review
So shy till you blush
Yes my dearies!
Today will be a blush review

Its the…
Sleek Blush in Life’s a Peach

Before I begin the review
Let me begin by saying I may have found a holy grail item here!

Now onto the review!

Am loving the packaging of the Sleek Blushes!
Matte solid black square case that is an absolute joy to look at!

Best of all
It comes in 8g of product
MAC blushes come in 6g of product and the price is higher than Sleek!

As mentioned before
I have this in Life’s a Peach
You can see the ingredients list in the picture above
But so far it hasn’t done anything negative to my skin

Beautiful right?
That was the first thought that came in my head when I laid my eyes on it when I first opened it
It is a bright orange peachy shade that is so beautiful to look at

The great thing about Sleek is that they give you a huge mirror!

This is a swatch of the blush
The lower one is just a single swipe from the pan on to skin
The upper one is several swipes from the pan and on to the skin

As you can see
The pigmentation for this blush is very sheer
Good news for guys like me!
It strays away from the amount of pigment that other Sleek blushes have
But I think that is what makes it unique!

This is what it looks like after 5 hours
The blush is still there and I don’t experience any fading from it

On my face
This wears about 7 hour then it starts to fade around the edges but that’s quite normal because of my really oily skin

For those who want to know how I look like with the blush
Here you go:

As you can see
It is very subtle and very natural!
Great for guys who don’t flush but still want to look like they still have blood flowing in their veins!

This is definitely my holy grail blush! I don’t mind that it is sheer at all! I love how it makes me look like I blush naturally and makes my skin look healthy!

Sleek makeup can be bought in Malaysia from and it is priced at RM35.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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