Product Review: Skinz UV White Radiant Gene Activator Purifying Facial Foam

Hi guys!
Happy Monday!

So tell me
What is the best way to start the day?
For me its by washing off all the dirt and oil that accumulated on my face and feeling refreshed!

That is exactly what is being reviewed today!
Which is the…

Skinz UV White Radiant Gene Activator Purifying Facial Foam

Which looks like this!

On to the review!

According to Skinz
This deep cleanses impurities and reveals white translucency

(Actually what does that mean?)
I get the deep cleansing part
Which I think it doesn’t cleanse that deeply
It does cleanse but not deeply (Hope that makes sense)

It contains the Radiant Gene Activator (Dafuq?)
And contains Sakura Extract and Lipo Vit-C to help whiten your skin

True to its claim
It doesn’t make my skin feel dry after cleansing

Did I see my skin whiten after 2 weeks?
It may be due to because I quite fair in the first place

The directions and the ingredient list

This is how the dispenser looks like

This is the cleanser
It is a cream before it is foamed up to wash your face
It reminds me of the old Ginvera cleanser
Ring a bell?

This is how it looks like after it was added with a bit of water and foamed up
Definitely foams up beautifully

It is a good cleanser, not a HG item. But a good cleanser for the morning. Nothing much to say about. Will not purchase it again


That’s all for today!

Evan Chang

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