Product Review: Skinz Infinite Bio-StemCell Activator + Toco-Retin A Youth Recall Serum

Hey guys!
How was your Chap Goh May?

Today I’m back with a skincare product review
I got this in a beauty box that is now sadly discontinues

Today’s review will be about the…
Skinz Infinite Bio-StemCell Activator + Toco-Retin A Youth Recall Serum
Another product with a freaking long name!

Joke aside
I have mixed feelings about this product
So why don’t we jump into the review eh?

The product looks like this:

It comes in a small black pump bottle

See that one line there?
This product was formulated for ASIAN skin
Sorry westerners!
But this is for us only

This is how the pump looks like
It pumps out the right amount of product without overdoing it

This is one full pump of the serum
Enough to cover your whole face
It is a slightly yellow lotion

This is how it looks like when it is spread out
It is transparent on the skin

This is how it looks like after spreading it is absorb
The serum absorbs quickly into the skin
It leaves a natural matte finish to the skin
Which is good to use under makeup

I tested this serum for about 2 months now
I do get results from it
My skin feels much more healthier and it smoother

Sometimes it feel heavy on my skin
Like there is something weighing my skin down
Not really fond of that

I do like this serum however it weighs my skin down and feels quite heavy for me. Nonetheless it is a good serum but I will not repurchase it again.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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