Product Review: Skinfood Super Nut Perfume Mist by Eva Armisen

Hi guys!
Happy Monday!

Today I bring to you a limited edition item review!
An item that was said to be inspired by a famous artist
Eva Armisen!

Which I have no idea who she is!
(Apparently she studied art in Barcelona and her work are exhibited worldwide!)

So without further ado
It is the..

Skinfood Super Nut Perfume Mist by Eva Armisen

Which looks like this:

This must be her artwork
The sort of casual fun and cheery style
You do feel kinda happy when seeing this

Very nice pink color box
I forsee I would recycle it for an art project

A bit of info about Eva Armisen

The perfume mist has floral and fruity scents according to Skinfood

Nuts for my body eh?
So my body will smell like nuts?

Can you imagine you walk up to your friend and said that you sprayed some nuts on your body?
Then you ask them to smell your nuts?


This is how the bottle looks like
The bottle itself is a muted yellow gold color
Which is very nice to look at

I love the cap!
Its a copper color!

The spray is very nice as well
It dispense the perfume mist very finely
Enabling me to evenly cover my body with the scent

From Skinfood

This is the back of the bottle

Super Nut Perfume Mist!!

Can you imagine a nut with superpowers?
Do you think Skinfood killed a superhero to make this?

This is the ingredient list of the perfume mist

Now on to the scent
Bear with me because I’m very bad a describing scents

This smell like jasmine flowers to me
Mixed with a bit of sweet green tea

So I guess there are floral and fruity scents!

It wears all day long on me
I still can smell it even after I went to the gym
Good one Skinfood!


Loving this at the moment. Better go and smell the nuts before its sold out guys!


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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