Product Review: Skinfood Red Orange Sun Stick BB SPF30 PA+++

Hello peeps!
Sorry for the late update
My schedule has been really hectic lately!
Thousand apologies!

Today will be another BB review!
Not BB cream, but a BB STICK!
Its the
Skinfood Red Orange Sun Stick BB SPF30 PA+++

Now what to say about this?
Besides that

But before that
Picture time!

Look how cute it is!
I actually like this more than the Maybelline one
Simply because its in a better and more colourful packaging

One thing I like about this is that Skinfood shows how much product you are getting
For those who didn’t bother to view the photo
Its 22.5g of product!
Which is ALOT

The top of the twist tube has a shiny reflective surface
Notice that I say its a surface rather than a mirror
Because you just cant use it as a mirror
You can
But your eyes will be angry at you for a long time

The shade that I’m using is WI
They have four shades
C = Cool tone and W = Warm toned
Obviously I’m warm toned

One thing I wanna ask though
Why does Skinfood want me to open the tube’s ass?


This is how it looks llke unblended
You can see that its very yellow toned
Which is good because I’m very yellow due to my Asian descent

Dry skin people may not like this because it may cling to dry skin

This is how it looks like slightly blended
You can see it blended really well into the skin

It smells very citrusy
But the smell fades after you apply it

This is how it looks like after its blended in
You can see it near my veins there

This is my face without moisturiser or anything
Just washed and pat dry
My skin is getting better
(Thank goodness)

This is after I applied moisturiser and the Garnier BB under eye roll on

Look how I look like before blending the product in

The left side is where I used a brush to blend it the product

The right side is where I used my fingers to blend it in

This product is better to use a tool to blend it in
Such as a flat top kabuki brush

It doesn’t feel heavy on the face
The texture is very easy to blend

This after I powdered it
You do need to set this if you want it to last

It gives medium coverage but you can build it up to full if you want
You can also use it as a concealer

This is an hour in after application

This is the flash test for the product
Minimal flash back
Yes I am that fair if any of you are asking

This is five hours after application
The oil is seeping through and you can see my face becoming shiny

I have a zit on my cheek
But it rubbed off after 6 hours

This is a size a comparison of the Maybelline BB Stick and the Skinfood BB Stick
Its obvious which one looks nicer

Look at how much product you get between the two
Its obvious which one is more

The Skinfood Red Orange BB Sun Stick retails at all Skinfood outlets in Major Shopping malls across Malaysia
I’m not sure about the price though
But I’m sure that it is below RM90


Texture 4/5
Blendability 4/5
Smell 4/5
Colour 2/5 There are only colours for fair people
Coverage 3/5
Packaging 3/5

Will I purchase it again?
Yes. If I haven’t found something better then I will

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