Product Review: Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finishing Spray (Matte)

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Today I’m back with a review
Its the…

Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finishing Spray (Matte)

An Asian Brand setting spray
I wonder how it will fare at keeping your makeup last?

Let’s find out!

The setting spray looks like this

It comes in a small spray bottle that contains 80ml of product
Not a lot IMO
But it’s a spray so it should last at least 1 1/2 months

This is the back of the bottle where it shows you how to use the spray and tells you the ingredients that were used to make the spray
You may notice there is one particular ingredient there


No wonder its called a matte finish finishing spray
Alcohol dries the skin and it evaporates quickly

This is how the spray head looks like
Its like your typical run of the mill one
Nothing special here
It does dispense the product well though
I don’t notice any huge droplets from it

Now here is a few photos showing how the spray work

I had to use a high speed setting to get that

As you can see it sprays a fine mist
So it doesn’t mess up your makeup

It smells like oranges
It says blood orange right on the packaging!

It doesn’t dry to a totally matte finish
But it does dry to a more natural matte finish
It does prolong the wear of my makeup for about 2 hours more before my face starts to get oily

I think this is a good setting spray. Not the best but it does the job quite well. I do warn against those who purchase this however because it contains alcohol in one of its ingredients and it is one of the first in the list. So means there is a high concentration in it. I  do suggest trying out the spray first before purchasing it as you may have some reactions to it.


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Evan Chang

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