Product Review: Skin 79 Gold Collection BB cream

Today I’m going to review one of the most famous BB cream
Which is this:
The front
The butt
Yes ma darlings!
Its the Skin79 Gold BB cream!
Some swatches for you guys!
Half Pump
Slightly Blended
Fully Blended (please excuse my hairy hand)
The amount of product was very little because it was actually the last of the amount that the package held
Which means I was very lucky I could even have a small amount of product to review
It shows that I have been using this product for a good amount of time because it was finished!
Now on to the product!
The product comes in a 8.5cm cylinder in height
It is quite light and portable
So there’s not problem there
Also the product is dispensed through a vacuum pump
Which means less product wastage!
Vacuum pump! AWESOME
The BB cream itself is a grey cream that is easily spread and blended
It actually is one of the most blendable BB cream that I have ever used!
It contains SPF 25 PA+++
Which means it should be good in normal days
It does oxidise to your skintone after awhile and it quite suits my NC20 asian skin
Its suppose to be good for aging and dry skin
I find that it does help me control my oil and moisturise my combination skin
According to Skin79
It Whitens and Improves Wrinkles because it contain ingredients such as Adenosine and Arbutin
It also says that it contains Gold and Caviar extract to make healthy shiny skin o.O
How the hell did they make extractions from GOLD??
Gold Flakes I understand la
Extracting essence from Gold?
I don’t get it @@
Okay back to the BB cream!
I did notice a change for the better in terms of the tecture of my skin
It does whiten my skin a bit but I think thats because of the SPF in it
It doesn’t break me out and doesn’t clog my pores
So thats quite good!
It does have a kind of powdery smell
I don’t find it overpowering though
On the contrary I find it quite relaxing to smell 😛
To conclude
Packaging 5/5
Texture 5/5
Colour 3/5 Not all skintones can use this BB cream
Effects 4/5
Smell 3/5
So do I recommend to buy this?
Yes If you have fair skin and looking for a good BB cream
No if you have darker skin say like NC30 and above as it may make you look grey
Would I buy this again?
Evan Chang

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