Product Review: Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser


It’s review time my chico and chiconas

Today will be a moisturiser review
I know right
So typical
But oily skins rejoice!
This is both cheap and good to use!

Its the…
Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

So without further ado
Picture porno time!

According to Simple
This moisturiser has 3 skin loving nutrients, 2 vital vitamins and 0 perfume or colour
Which is good!

I like the packaging it comes in
It looks very innocent and simple

Do you see that small lil’ circle with the words in it?
That was what it compelled me to buy this!
So does it really control shine?

I am happy to report that it does!
For about 3 hours that is

One thing I like about Simple is that they show what ingredients are in the products and tell you how would they benefit your skin

Did I mention that it comes in 75ml of product?
Which is more than the standard moisturiser size

Oh and if you read the ingredients list, right at the bottom there you can see that it states that there are no animal derived ingredients
But I don’t know whether Simple does any animal testing or not

The dispenser hole is not too big neither small
Just nice so you can control the amount that comes out

The product itself is a white cream

It smells like natural ingredients actually
There are no artificial smells just like what Simple promised

This is where the product is slightly blended and you can see that it doesn’t blend very well
Unlike most products which a little goes a long way
This doesn’t

Fully blended and still waiting for the product to soak in
This takes a longer time to be absorbed compared to other moisturisers

It has a cooling sensation to it when you applied it on your face

This is where it is fully absorbed and it leaves a matte finish

My skin feels moisturised after applying it

It doesn’t weigh your skin down like some other moisturisers


Texture 3/5
Smell 3/5
Moisturising factor 4/5
Oil control 4/5

Would I repurchase again?
I have repurchased this several times because its good and its cheap so I forsee myself going back to this time and time again!

Simple can be bought at all major pharmacies throughout Malaysia. The current price would be below RM20.

That’s all for today folks!

Evan Chang

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