Product Review: Sigma F80-Flat Synthetic Kabuki Brush

Sigma F80-Flat Synthetic Kabuki Brush

Today I shall review for you a brush that will be invaluable in your makeup routine..
It is the Sigma F80 brush!
This is how it looks like:
The brush is made up of dense synthetic bristles that is housed in a metal shiny ferrel with a wooden handle
The wooden handle has a glossy finish to it
This is the old version I am having
Because this baby has lasted me for over 2 years!
Yes my people
It lasted me for over a year
Brushes will always be a good investment!
Somemore pictures of the brush:
Because it is a flat top brush and its synthetic
It will buff your foundation/bbcream/primer/moisturiser into your skin right away and will not absorb too much product
The brush is very nice and sturdy to hold
I always use this brush when I plan to wear my foundations
It can be used with powder/mineral/liquid/cream foundations!
Recently I used it with my Chanel Perfection Lumiere
and let me tell you folks
It just made applying foundation a hell lot easier
The finish is an even nice coverage
I didn’t experience any streakiness
After I cleaned my brush
The smell of the Perfection Lumiere still lingers on the brush
I can’t stop smelling it! LOL
The bristles are soft but sturdy at the same time

I didn’t think it scratched my face at all
In fact
I think this is so soft that I just want to buff away at my face all day long

I recommend this brush!
Whether you just started makeup or you’re a full blown fabulous makeup artist
This brush will surely prove useful to you!


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