Product Review: Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder

Hello hello my lovely people
The weather has been crazy lately
Suddenly rain suddenly damn hot

Today I’m bringing to you a bronzer review
Yes my people
Don’t some bronzers just make you wanna throw it because it makes you look straight up muddy as though you just fell into a puddle of mud?


Today’s product is….

Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder!

The color that I bought it on is light
Yes I am that fair

I got this for RM68 if I am not mistaken

This is the ingredients list for those who want to know

It come with 30g of product


The bronzer comes in a compact form but it isn’t compact in any way
The mirror it has is HUGE
As big as yo momma!

The product is engraved with Sephora’s symbols
The usual slim S

It smells like baby powder

This is a swatch of the product
The products makes me looks like I was lightly kissed by the sun
It is matte and does not contain any shimmer particles

You can also use it to contour if your roll that way

If you want a bronzing powder that will last you a lifetime, then yes buy this and be done with it.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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