Product Review: Sephora Retractable Kabuki Brush

Hi guys!

Do you like the review I did on the Sephora Powder Foundation?
Do you wonder what do I use to apply it

Well I’m here to show you guys exactly that!

Its the..

Sephora Retractable Kabuki Brush!

Which looks like this:


It comes in a tube
Number 51 is what Sephora named the brush

It looks kinda cute actually
I like the sleeve that it has
Because it protects and help the brush to stay in shape

It’s very soft and very fluffY

Perfect for applying powder foundations or loose powder

You can really buff the product in

One thing to note about the brush is during washing where it may shed a bit and bleed
But after a few washes nothing come out anymore

One of the best and most convenient brushes that I own in my arsenal. Definitely recommend to all you peeps


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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