Product Review: Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation + The new version!

That’s Italian for hello and goodbye!
You learn something new everyday!

Now my little chico and chiconas
I bring to you today a review of a powder foundation
One of my HOLY GRAIL products of powder foundations!

Excited eh?
So without further ado…
It is the…

Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation

Which looks like this:

I hit pan on it!
Evidence that I love this very very much!

The shade I have it in is Light 10
It comes with 9g of product
Not a lot but not little either
For reference MAC gives 15g of product
However if you buy two of Sephora foundation you will get more at a cheaper price

It comes in a flip up compact with a clear plastic lid

This is taken with flash to better judge the colour

Taken without flash

It has a yellow tone under it
Very complementing to my skin since I have a yellow undertone as well
For those who do not have yellow undertones
Do not worry as they come in warm, cool and neutral shades

Under the foundation is a compartment where the sponge is
Which I have thrown away!

If you don’t close it properly
It kinda looks like a one eyed monster from here

Heavy swatch of the powder
It is very creamy and silky to apply
IMO its better than the MAC Studio Fix Powder

This is however one drawback to this product
It smells kinda bad

It blends right into my skin

Coverage is light to full depending on how you apply it
I usually use a large fluffy brush to buff it into my skin
So I look natural

The oily control for me is about 3 hours before I start to look oily

The new compact

Sephora recently repackaged the foundation into a flatter and longer compact

The bad thing about this is that they have decreased the amount that it comes in
The older version gives 9g of product but the new version gives only 8.5g of product
Bad move

The compact now features the mirror on the cover of the compact
Along with the sponge on the same level of the foundation
It also uses a magnetic closure instead of the old click closure

This is a comparison on the shade that I have
The top is Light 10 (Old)
The bottom is Light 20 (New)

Very similar right?
I think they also expanded the shade range for this foundation
Good going Sephora!

This is how I look like with the foundation on

Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation retails for RM45 at all Sephora outlets

Although they have decreased the amount that it comes in, I will definitely repurchase this because it is just that good!


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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