Product Review: Sephora CC Cream

Hello lovely peeps!
I am back with another review

Yes I am back to using random images to convey my message across
I don’t know why I stopped doing that though
Must be having one of those periods
Maybe I am having a period

Serious now
Today’s review will be about the..

Sephora Care + Color CC Cream!

I got this at Sephora for RM69

This is what Sephora has to say about this CC Cream:
It has an innovative dual formula that beautifies the skin upon application
Moisturizes, smoothens, evens skin
Minimizes appearance of blemishes and redness
Tightens pores, increases radiance and prevents aging

That’s a lot that they are claiming
Let’s see how it fares shall we?



It is a tinted embellishing face and neck cream with SPF 20

Even skin tone, smooths skin, radiant skin

Here is how the packaging looks like
Frankly I like it
It has a certain weight to it but it does feel a bit cheap

It has a SPF of 20 but I don’t know how wide the protection is

It contains 30ml of product with a vacuum pump so you can really get all the product in the bottle

So many languages

This is how the pump look like
It is protected by a cap (thank goodness for condoms)

This is how the CC cream looks like
Notice how much orange of a tint it has

Slightly blended into the skin
It really has a yellow orange tone to it that just screams fake tan
It has that typical sephora fragrance

Fully blended
Notice how the skin on my hand looks more orange than the rest of the arm
It does blend easily though into the skin

This is how my face looks like with the CC Cream on
Doesn’t my face look slightly darker than the rest of my body
I feel like I have a fake tan on ONLY MY FACE

My face looks orange and I feel like an oompa loompa and I’m one of the cast of Jersey Shore!
I’m sorry but this just couldn’t work for me

Oil control wasn’t really good either, I got oily within an hour without powder


No really I am

I’m guessing that this is more suited for people who have a fake tan or people with skin that have an orange undertone
Darker skin could probably pull this off but for me this is a MISS
It a shame.. Really

Do not buy this if you’re fair like me and have oily skin. You can try this if you have an orange undertone or darker skin than me. I imaging that you would also like this if you have a fake tan.


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