Product Review: Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream

Hi guys!
Today I bring to you a moisturizer review!

This time its a good one
Which can be used all over your body!

It’s the…
Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream!

Which looks like this:

It comes in a blue and white bottle with a pump!

Its suppose to be a daily moisturizer for sensitive skin
Fragrance free, no harsh detergents, SLS, parabens and artificial colours!

Contains soybean oil, olive oil and jojoba oil
So don’t use this if you’re allergic/sensitive to any of these

They also said that it can be used on the body, hands and face

This is the ingredients list
500 ml of product!

This is how the skin cream looks like
White lotion with no fragrance whatsoever

This is how it looks like blended out
Very moisturizing and cooling on the skin

This is how it looks like fully absorbed
It leaves a smooth and soft finish to the skin
Not sticky or tacky

I used this on both my face and body
and I’m happy to tell you that I did not break out at all!

Best of all when I use this is that I don’t need to have a primer if I put makeup on because there are some silicone ingredients in it
And it does help my makeup last a little longer

One moisturizer that I really love and it comes in a huge amount! Love this! Do try the smaller size first to see if you have any allergic reactions to it first.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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