Product Review: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Blush Brush

Hi Guys
How you’ve been?
Today I’m gonna bring to you another brush review!

As you all know I love my brushes!
If you don’t…

Today’s review will be on the..

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Blush Brush

Which looks like this?

Now what can I say about this brush?
Besides that I love it to death?
It’s soft and dense at the same time
Definitely the main thing that I look for in my brushes
Who wants a flimsy scratchy brush anyway right?

As with all Real Techniques brushes you can make them stand on their ends

This is the brush head
It looks like egg
Doesn’t taste like one though
(P.S. Do not boil the brush head!)

Top view of the brush
You can see the fibers here
Very soft to the touch

Picks up pigment really well
But not as well as natural hair brushes
But that’s what to expect when you use synthetic brushes

Real Techniques can be found at Shins Outlets all over Malaysia in shopping malls. Retail price is RM78 at the time of writing.

Love the brush! Nuff’ said

That’s all for today


Evan Chang

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  • Hallew thereee! Oh I super in love with RT makeup brushes from all the awesome reviews! SHINs selling it at that expensive prices that I’m quite reluctant to buy. I just placed order online through another website listed for RT makeup brushes! and can’t wait them to arrive!! 😀

    • HEY!
      Yeah I love them brushes too! Well you know how high our taxes in Malaysia are @@
      Eh? Which website!? I wanna order the new dual-fiber brushes as well!

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