Product Review: Olive Hand Moisturising Cream

Olive Hand Moisturising Cream

Hello guys!
Today I am going to review for you guys a hand cream!
Yes ladies and non-ladies
I am not reviewing a face product today
Please wipe that shocked face away
This is how the product looks like:
Look how cute it is!
Ingredient list
Is it me or does the products that I’m reviewing are all looking like some secretion that males produce?
This is a sample size of the hand cream from Olive that I got in one of the boxes from Fabulous Finds!
So kudos to them for bringing new stuff into my life
Since I don’t know the real size of the product
I shall not be measuring the size
It dispenses the product with a squeeze tube by the way
But I will be telling you how the hand cream fares
The cream is a white lotion that smells soothing
I don’t know whether this smells like olive oil or not because it does state there that it has extra virgin olive oil
It spreads and absorbs easily
Does not leave an oily residue
For this hand cream
You only need a small amount
It spreads verrrryyyyy easily
It does make my hands softer and more moisturise
I don’t notice my hands having any reaction from it
From some horror stories I hear about hand creams *shivers*
So to conclude:
Smell 4/5
Texture 5/5
Packaging 5/5
Moisturising factor 4/5
Would I purchase the full size?
No, hand creams are not necessary for me anyway
But its nice to have some once in a while
Evan Chang

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