Product Review: Natio SPF30+ Face Moisturiser for Men

Hello ma peeps
The sun has been really shining these days huh?
Good for the plants and the planet but not so good for us

So today I thought why not bring to you men out there and product that protects the skin while protecting us from the sun?

Its the…

Natio SPF 30+ Face Moisturiser for Men

For those who don’t know
Natio is brand that uses all natural ingredients for their products
So there
No more complaining face products are full of chemicals

Even though it says that it is non-greasy
I still feel that there is a layer of oiliness when I put it on my face
Granted that is doesn’t break me out
But some may feel that it is too heavy of the skin for them

Have you ever seen such a beautiful number on a product?
100g of moisturiser!
50g more than what we usually get

This is where the product comes out
The product is housed in a large squeeze tube

This is how the product looks like
It is white in colour
There is a slight fragrance to it where it is nothing offensive
But sensitive noses better stay away because it is quite strong

This is the product after it has been blended out
It has a dewy finish to it
Not overall shiny but more to a healthy glow

It sinks into the skin quite quickly and leaves moisturised skin
On my oily skin it leaves a healthy looking glow
I use this when I don’t feel like wearing makeup the whole day and just want to relax

This product is sold at Sasa for RM 39.
P.s. Sasa is my new haunting now

I think this product is suited for those outdoorsy men out there who wants to protect their skin from the sun and have healthy skin.


Love, Evan Chang

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