Product Review: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Hello sweet and lovely cupcakes!
How are you all doing?
The weather has been terrible lately being it so hot
Must be me again
I apologise for being so scorching
(Its a joke)

Today we shall be looking at one of NARS’s famous products
Recently came out and it has received raves all around the internet by bloggers and youtubers alike!
What is it you may ask?
Well you should have know by now because you must’ve looked at the title before clicking on this post am I right?

Its the..

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer!

Here is the ingredients list
Notable ingredients include: Dimethicone and Glycerin

You can see from the ingredients list that the concealer is very packed with silicone which means that it should be very easy to blend into the skin
However, those who are sensitive to silicone may want to look elsewhere for a concealer

I bought mine at the Pavilion’s NARS store that just opened
It retails for RM100 per tube

I got mine in two colors
Light 1 Chantilly and Light 3 Honey
Why didn’t I buy Light 2?
Because it was pink based and as you all know I have a very yellow undertone
I can only wear pink on my eyes as eyeshadow and on my cheeks as blush

Don’t you just love how NARS packages their products?
Loving the glass tube and the black matte handle with it
Very nice to the touch and feels very expensive and luxurious
Just like the hair of a pure bred Albanian racehorse

The back of the bottle
The other two sides are empty
I like that it is transparent so you can really see the colour of the products

Like I said I got mine in Light 1 and Light 3
The tube contains 6ml or 0.22oz of product

The applicator requires you to twist the cap and pull out the applicator
Why am I concentrating on this?
Think about it
If it is those kind of applicators that doesn’t require you to twist the applicator up and just only require you to pull the cap off
What happens when you chuck it into your bag and go on a vigorous walk
That’s right
Makeup all over your bag and another mess to clean!

However, there is something that makes me go ISH!
Which is that product always tend to stick to the stick of the applicator
Don’t you just hate that?

The applicator is a soft doe foot applicator
I find that it holds product very well

The Light 1 Chantilly is on top while Light 3 Honey is at the bottom
At a glance, Light 1 seems to match me better

Can’t smell any fragrance from it too

Yup when I blend it out, Light 1 does seem like a good match and Light 3 seems too peach for me
It is very easy to blend
Blends better than butter actually

Fully blended into the skin
You can still see Light 3 but Light 1 isn’t visible at all

This is me bare faced for all the world to see

Notice the acne on the side of my face particularly on my cheekbones
Which I always tend to get acne on
You can also see my under-eye dark circles

This is after applying Light 3 on the acne and Light 1 on the under-eye are

Acne is covered and under-eye dark circles is covered perfectly
The concealer is more towards medium coverage rather than full coverage

Close up on the acne, the redness is toned down efficiently and I look much fresher and better
Yes I do know that I have very big pores

A concealer that is great for those who are looking for medium coverage. Stay away if you are allergic/sensitive to silicone.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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