Product Review: My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

Hi guys!
Welcome back for another review!

Today its the
My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

Which looks like this:

According to MyBeautyDiary
This sheet mask can help in whitening and softening the skin
It also can accelerate the skin metabolism o.O

Don’t know whether its true or not

So let’s see whether does it work

The mask smells very fragant
A very floral kind of smell

It hydrates the skin nicely
I recommend you using this right after you wash your face with a cleanser at night
It really soothes and calms your skin
Very cooling on the surface while adding moisture to your skin

This is how I look like with the mask


I looked really tired its because of the pile of work I have to go through
Look at the two big volcanoes on my face

I always leave masks on until its almost dry
So I don’t waste the essence

This is how the mask should look like when drying

This is how my skin looks like after the mask:

I feel that my skin does look brighter and fairer than usual

My skin feels very moist and hydrated
It doesn’t make my skin feel tight

I think that’s all I could cover

Till next time

Evan Chang

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