Product Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick BB Stick SPF 21 PA+++

Hello ma people!
Today will be a longggggggg review post
Chock full of pictures for you viewing pleasure
That sounded wrong in a sexual kind of way

I will be reviewing the
Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick BB Stick SPF 21 PA+++
Yes I know
That’s a freakishly long name
I ran out of breath even by saying it out loud
Seriously Maybelline?

Before the review
Let me begin by saying that I am really surprised by this product
All products that I reviewed on this blog is NOT sponsored unless stated otherwise

So without further ado
Here are the pictures!

The packaging is a little tube that is light green in colour

It gives an SPF of 21 with PA+++
But I still apply my normal suncreen just to make sure I’m adequately protected

Look how cute it is!
As the name implies
It is a BB cream in pan stick form

I’m in the Shade 2 Natural
Which is very suprising as I am usually the lightest shade of foundation in most major brands

Sadly there are only two shades in Malaysia
Which are Fresh and Natural
Fresh is more pink based and Natural in more yellow based

Not sure whether its the same case with other countries that carry this product


There is no smell to the product

Slight blended

Fully blended

Naked face pics coming soon!

Just washed my face and put on moisturizer

This is with the MUFE HD Primer + suncreen

Guess what I wrote on my forehead

This is when it applied directly to the face and unblended

This side of the face is blended
I use both my hands and a flat top kabuki brush to blend it out

It is very easy to blend

This is how my face looks like with the product on
It gives a natural finish to the skin

The coverage is a light to medium coverage and feels like nothing on the skin

You can see my nose and forehead is still shiny

The oil control on this is not like what they claimed
Which can be seen in the following pictures

This is after two hours after application

Five hours after application
T zone area product is faded
Looks cakey on the sides of the nose

8 hours of application
The redness around my nose and forehead can be seen
It is faded on all parts on my face as well

According to Maybelline
The BB stick contains Mineral Clay and Salicylic Acid
Mineral clay is for oil control
Salicylic Acid I would guess is for the prevention of acne and so that our pores are not clogged

I don’t think that the oil control of this product is very good
Well all products on my skin don’t last long because my skin is very very oily

It doesn’t clog my pores

So conclusion:

Smell 5/5 NO SMELL
Coverage 3/5
Packaging 4/5
Blendability 4/5

So would I recommend this to others?
If you’re looking for something that is easy to carry around and use to touch up while falling into the shade range. Then I would suggest you to try it out. After all, Maybelline products are one of the cheapest ranges we can get.

This product can be bought at all major pharmacies and is usually prices at RM21.80, subjected to different outlets and promotions the pharmacies are currently running.

That’s all for today guys!

Evan Chang


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