Product Review: Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation

Its finally here!
Marc Jacobs has finally arrived in Malaysia!
Bless the makeup gods!

Personally I am so glad that Malaysia is opening up to more foreign brands from other countries
It’s good for us as the consumer because it gives us more choices to choose from
The power of consumerism I say!

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Today’s post will be a review on the Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation!

Which is on the left from the three things above!

I got the foundation for Rm189 but I had a 10% discount

Because I tend to spend a lot when I’m walking in Sephora
Once I go in I will walk out with something
My wallet is already bleeding from the damage

Solo shot of the foundation box
Isn’t it smexy?

Yes I truly am
Isn’t it weird that I’m turned on by makeup?

Its a genius and its gel based
Plus its super charged
So is it bulletproof?

Let’s find out!

The buoyancy gel texture of the foundation awakens your skin to translucency and clarity

So when you put this on your skin will look brighter and have more clarity

This is the ingredients list for the foundation
Notable ingredients include:
Dimethicone, Mica, Silica, Titanium Dioxide and Paraffin

If you are allergic to any of the things above
Please do not buy this foundation

This is how the foundation bottle looks like
Yes yes I know
Its very sexy

The back of the bottle
The bottle looks very sleek and expensive
Definitely Marc Jacobs material

I got mine in the shade Bisque Light
The bottle contains 30ml of product and can last up to 12 months
Which is one year

This is how the pump looks like
It is shiny and effective

I do love shiny things
I think I may have a magpie tendency

Small pump of the foundation on the back of my hand

There is a fragrance to it which that I don’t like
I feel like it offends my nose and sometimes it gives me a gagging feeling
But thankfully it dissipates once you put in on your skin

Slightly blended into the back of my hand
Easily spreadable
The texture is truly like a gel
Light and firm

Fully blended into the back of my hand
The foundation is a true match to my skin
As you can see from the picture above
You can’t see the foundation at all

So this is my face without the foundation
Please excuse the manstache

This is my face after the foundation is applied
Redness is reduced and skin tone is evened out
My pores are less visible and my skin looks very natural

The coverage is light to light medium depending on how much you are going to apply

The gif shows you how my face looks like after the foundation is applied along with concealer

The foundation lasted on me for about 2 hours before I saw my oils coming through
It went patchy around the 5 hours mark and during the 7th hour, some of my face had no foundation at all
So those people with oily skin out there please do take note, drier and normal skins out there would enjoy this foundation more because of its light and hydrating texture
You do have to powder with this
I know I always do

I think I use more on my face than that actually

A good but not one of the best foundation. Suitable for dry and normal skin types. Expensive. If you have oily skin please find another foundation.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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