Product Review: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in Sweetheart

Hi everyone !

I’m back with a review today!
It’s all about the lipstick!

Today’s review will feature the…

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in Sweetheart!

So what do I think about this lipstick?

Let me think about it
Why don’t I just show you first?

I bought this lipstick from for just only RM 8
Yes it is ridiculously cheap
Seriously you can’t find much lipstick with this kind of pricing here in Malaysia

Like I said I got this in the shade Sweetheart

So if I use this
Does it make me a sweetheart?

I mean

Kawaii des neh!!

It contains 3.8g of product

The ingredients list for those who want to read it
Caution: It has really tiny print

The cap shows of the color of the lipstick inside
It is very true to color of the lipstick and you don’t have to take out the cap to see the color
I like it when cosmetic companies do this to help the customer choose their favourite shade

The color is a soft pink that is slightly muted that looks very wearable for everyday wear

When I first used this product
I felt cheated

Let me first quote what the website said

You will be amazed at the quality of the lipstick ? this is your MUST HAVE lipstick, and better still, amazing value so you can collect them all! Over 20 shades of this creamy, long lasting lipstick with high colour payoff. From nudes to brights, and mattes to creamy there is something to suit everyone.

Yes that is what the website said

But look at this

What the heck is this!?
This looks like a tinted lipbalm more than a lipstick
I want full on color that slams you right in the face

Have you heard of it!?

This is how it looks like on my lips

There is a silver lining though

It is the most moisturising, most creamy texture that I experienced for a lipstick
Oh wait sorry


For those who are looking for pigmented lipstick
Skip this

For those who are looking for a tinted lipbalm
You may like this

A moisturising lipstick that feels creamy with little pigment.

That’s all for today

Evan Chang


  • I know this is a lipstick (oops I mean tinted lipbalm) review but thank you for using a Sherlock gif. I will now forever adore you lol.

    I may be the only one to say this, but I like lipsticks that aren’t pigmented because they’re easier to maintain and does not draw attention to my lips. The lipstick does look natural and nice on you though,, yay for that? :p

    • Aww thank you my dear!

      I think its to each his/her own? I would appreciate the company to honestly tell us that this is a sheer lipstick rather than bluffing and telling us that this has FULL on color though.

      But yes I do agree, some days we just want to have a sheer lipstick for those lazy days

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