Product Review: MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Blush Review

Hi people!

It’s back to the blogging world again!
Today I am reviewing the MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Blushes!

As it happen I bought two of them!

Isn’t the packaging just adorable?

I bought this for RM 126

Its a very high price I know but wait till you see the inside!

I got the shade Rip Peach and Kindergarden Red

The blush comes in a 10g and its a blush ombre which means that it is not a normal MAC blush as they only come in 6g of product and mineralized powders come in 9g of products

So you are actually paying for that extra 1g of product


This is the ingredient list for Ripe Peach

And this is the ingredients list for Kindergarten Red

Please do not use these products if you are known to be allergic to products with the ingredients above!

Primary ingredients in the two blushes are Talc, Corn Starch and Dimethicone
Which means its made from Corn and Silicones

As mentioned
It is a blush ombre that comes in 10g worth of product

One peach and one red shade for me

This is how the compacts look like
Isn’t the artwork on it lovely?

It just gives me a smile to my face when I see it because it reminds me of pre modern art when there is real art and not just splashes of paint that can be sold for more than 10 million USD
Don’t you just wanna slap those idiots who buy a single red dot on a big ass piece of white canvas?

I do every time I see this happening

This is how the inside of the compact looks like

There is no mirror for this compact because let’s face it
Who needs a mirror in a blush compact
Am I right?

Ripe Peach is a shimmery type of blush that goes from light golden yellow to a light to mid tone pink in ombre design

Kindergarten Red is a matte type of blush that goes from light pink to mid tone berry

I am happy to report that there is no smell that I can pick up from the two blushes
So those who are allergic and sensitive to fragrances should rejoice and be happy and apply blush when dancing naked under the moonlight like the fairies we are

Yes just like that we dance

This is a swatch from the two blushes
As you can see
The Kindergarten Red is much more pigmented compared to the Ripe Peach
Which is ironic because it shows that the peach has not ripen yet
I swirled all the colors together to get these two colors because if you buy this kind of blush you would obviously mixed the shades together



This is how Kindergarten Red looks on my skin
Please ignore my skin as I am going through a rough phase right now

This is how Ripe Peach looks

I would recommend Ripe Peach to those with fairer skin and Kindergarten Red to those with slightly darker skin

As for those who have very dark skin I would think that these blushes would look ashy on you
You can try to build up on Kindergarten Red but I think buying a deeper shade of blush would be more economical and better for your purse/wallet/cleavage that you put money in

A good blush for those who are looking for a unique and limited edition blush but do keep in mind which shades would look better for you.

This blush are available while stocks last for a limited time in all MAC stores

That’s all for today

P.s. I didn’t buy the Cinderella collection because I thought they were really ugly

Evan Chang


  • those babies are too pretty!
    maybe i should’ve gotten them when i saw them last weekend. hmmm i’m wavering now.

  • Omg Evan!!! Those blushers is divine!! I just loves the beautiful ombre colors of both, the packaging is beyond everything too, thanks for the review!!

  • sad the Cinderella collection is
    so blah.

  • Ooh, nice review!
    I love the ombre look of theses blushes in the pan.
    I’m at two minds but they’ll probably sell out soon 🙁

    I’m not keen on the Cinderella shades or packaging too. They could have at least added some crystals or sparkle to the cases but nothing at all. Passing on this MAC LE but will probably see the movie.

  • Im going to buy Kindergarten Red asap! 🙂 btw, missed reading your posts, and I’m glad you’re back! No one does funnier posts than you <3

    PS: MAC Cinderella is indeed super ugly!

  • The packaging is really adorable and those colours are soooo darn pretty! First time visiting your blog and I found your review are interesting! Keep it up! 😉

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