Product Review: MAC Casual Lip and Cheek Colour in Have a Lovely Day!

Hi guys!
Feeling the Monday blues?
Join the club
Every time I wake up on Monday
My face would look like this

But I would try to perk myself up by using this product
Which is the…

MAC Casual Lip and Cheek Colour in Have a Lovely Day!

I have been loving this since this came out in a limited collection that MAC brought out some time ago
I can hear some of you screaming at me for reviewing a product that is not available anymore
But hey!
I can only review them right?

So this is how the product looks like:

Cute and small
Like me

The shade that I have is in Have A Lovely Day!
As stated in the title

It is a very natural pink colour that is the same colour with my lips

This is how the product is housed in
It comes in a pot

If you guys look at my previous picture
You would notice this product is the same colour with my lips
Exactly the same

This is when it is taken with flash

It is very moisturizing on the lips
I do not feel that this is dry at all

This is how the product looks like when it is swatched on the back of my hand
Bear in mind that this is a very heavy swatch
It looks very natural on the skin as a blush
However I do not use this as a blush because I have oily skin

This blush is more suited for people with light and medium skinned people. Peeps with darker complexions should look for a brighter and more pigmented product.

This is my holy grail product. I use this when I look sick and pale and in need of a little pick me up so I wouldn’t look dead. Hopefully MAC will make this into their permanent line as I really love this product!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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