Product Review: MAC Blot Powder (Pressed)

I’m back with another review for you guys!
This time its a MAC product!
You know when you really like a product
You tend to use it over and over again
Until its finished
This is what happened to me!
Here are some pictures of the pressed powder:
Classic MAC packaging
I use my own sponge
Now here are some swatches:
Thick layer
Now on to the product review
The product comes in a 7cm in length diameter compact
It does comes with a powder puff but I threw it away because it was crap anyway
The powder itself is a pressed powder
It has a very fine texture and does have a faint powdery scent
It is very easy to blend and melds into the skin easily
I have mine in the shade medium
But the powder itself is quite transparent so it is quite easy for all skintones to use
It does control the oil on my face SPECTACULARLY
I use this after I blotted my face during the day and applied this powder
It controls the sebum on my face for up to 5 hours!
This is considered good because
After I set my makeup
It only lasted me for 4 hours when the oilyness start showing
Add on another 5 hours and that’s almost half a day gone!
It lasted me quite awhile as well
I had this powder for almost a year now
I only hit pan yesterday
Maybe it because I only use this on my T-zone and the sides of my nose
So would I recommend this to everyone?
Evan Chang

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