Product Review: MAC Alluring Aquatics Extra Dimension Blush in “Sea Me, Hear Me”

Yes I’m in a latin mood lately!
Bear with me!
How are you guys doing?
I finish most of my assignment and just left my thesis to finish!

Thank goodness for productivity!

Today’s review will be about a blush
Not just any blush!

It’s the..

MAC Alluring Aquatics Extra Dimension Blush in “Sea Me, Hear Me”

Don’t you just love creative names for products?
I just love makeup brands that inspire creativity and freedom!
Sea me, hear me
Love me for who I am

For this
MAC gives 6.5g of product!
Which is quite big!
Normal MAC blushes are only 6g

This is the ingredients list
Notable ingredients include:
Mica, Glycerin, Squalene, Silica, Tin Oxide, Dimethicone and Titanium Dioxide

If you are allergic to these ingredients

I got this from MAC Sunway Pyramid for RM88
The first day it came out I already rushed out to go buy it
Thank you Calies for helping me!
Love you so much


Don’t you just LOVE the packaging of this product?

It looks wet
Which makes me wet
I guess that is too much information to share with

*cough cough*
Focus Evan FOCUS

Like I said before the packaging is gorgeous to look at

MAC really did outdid themselves this time

Sea Me Hear Me

The blush comes with a plastic cover to protect it when you bought it
It is a flip case with no mirror

The blush itself looks like a beige pink that is more of a darker pink
We only have one of the blush in Malaysia
The other shade “Seduced at Sea” is not carried

The only question is

This is a swatch of the blush
The texture is very smooth and buttery
The blush itself is pigmented and easy to blend
I don’t experience any tugging from the blush at all

Apply this for your favorite blush brush

There is no smell or anything that I find offensive to my senses

Two thumbs up for its texture and quality!

This is a swatch with flash of the blush

As you can see from the picture above
The blush gives a slight sheen when photographed with flash
There is no shimmer or glitter but it just gives the skin a sheen that looks healthy and radiant

I imagine those with light to medium skin will benefit from this blush
Darker skinned people may be able to use this
I advise you to go to a MAC store and see for yourself

It gives me a healthy glow to my skin and looks very natural
Naturally I have to sheer it out because I’m a guy and I have to look like one to not make people uncomfortable to be around me
Also I do not want to look like a clown

A good blush for those who want a healthy glow to the skin. Recommend this highly and you should purchase this immediately.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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  • Oh, the packaging is very pretty! I love a good blush. Helps make me look less like a zombie. Better clown than zombie.

    You posts are always so funny, Evan. Really!

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